There’s a lot to consider when you create a website and search engine optimization (SEO) should be on the top of that list. Here’s a quick summary of best practices for onsite SEO. Be sure to:

1- Include clear title tags

  • Create unique title tags for each page
  • Accurately describe the page’s content
  • Use brief, but descriptive titles

2- Provide a Meta Description tag

  • Use unique description tags for each page
  • Summarize the key information per page
  • Write high quality and concise descriptions


3- Fill in the image and video blanks

  • Add descriptive captions
  • Use Alt Tags
  • Use descriptive file names
  • Provide a transcript or summary of video content

Clear URL

4- Clearly structure your URL

  • Use descriptive URLs, with words, not numbers and symbols
  • Use a directory structure for your URL

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5- Ensure a cohesive site structure

  • Develop a directory structure schematic for your site, starting with the home page
  • Ensure there is no orphaned content on your site